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SPuN is a non profit organization established in 2005 to provide accurate clinical information to patients and medical professionals wanting to learn more about the disease Pudendal Neuralgia.  We have gathered information about PN and are in the process of developing a standard of care that we hope to have published and available to practicing medical professionals around the world.

On our site you can learn more about Pudendal Neuralgia, what we are doing to educate clinicians and patients, as well as how you can make a difference.  We have compiled a list of resources primarily targeting clinicians, but also intended for patients to learn more about their problem.  We strive to make this condition a “bump in the road” rather than a lifelong, debilitating disease.  


Our Mission


We are committed to developing, refining and communicating a standard of care for pudendal neuralgia, so that all sufferers receive early diagnosis and effective treatments, maximizing their potential for recovery.


Our Goals


1. Define a standard treatment protocol for pudendal neuralgia that is accepted and endorsed by professional associations such as the American Urological Association, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the European Urological Association.

2. Educate practicing medical professionals in relevant fields about this newly defined standard of care through publishing articles, direct mailings and offering continuing medical education.

3. Educate patients so that they understand the treatments available and the steps to follow to treat the condition early, providing maximum opportunity for recovery.

4. Host open forums, where medical professionals treating patients with pudendal neuralgia can meet to discuss the latest treatments and potential new therapies.

5. Provide financial support for further research in this area and for patients that are in need of financial assistance.


A note to our users


The content on this site is authored and maintained by Members of the Board of Directors of SPuN.  All content is reviewed and approved by the entire Board.  If you are a patient and suspect you have a pudendal nerve related condition, this information is not a substitute for a visit with your physician.  Please feel free, however, to give our web site address to your physician for reference.



This site does not receive any funding through advertisements.  This site is funded solely by private donations. 


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Last Updated:  5/5/2008

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Text Box: De-Mystifying Pudendal Neuralgia As A Source of Pelvic Pain:  A Physical Therapist’s Approach
SPuN successfully offered the training class, De-Mystifying Pudendal Neuralgia As A Source of Pelvic Pain:  A Physical Therapist’s Approach on March 29th & 30th, 2008.  We are hoping to offer the class again in Chicago in October.  Check back frequently for an update.
To review the brochure for the March class which will mimic the format of the October class, click anywhere within this box.
Text Box: An Update from the SPuN Board
Many of you may have noticed that we have not made many changes to our website in recent months.  This is due to a decision we have made to focus our efforts on development of a new website with additional features and information.  We will be changing our home page to provide news and information we hope to update regularly with new developments in the area of pudendal neuralgia.  You will also see many additions to the “Find a Physician” area as well, particularly with the addition of all of the physical therapists that have attended the class on treating pudendal neuralgia we have offered.  While we do not yet have a date for a finalized roll-out, check back frequently for our new look and many changes to our information!